Investing in London

London Rebuilding Society is continuing to develop new investment funds for London's deprived areas, increasing access to finance for people to create businesses and make positive changes to their environments.

The money you invest will work hard to make London a better place to live.  It will also assist us to leverage grant funds and additional bank loans, so it goes directly where it's needed, and we guarantee that it stays in London. 

If you want to help us help, London you can either invest directly into one of LRS' funds or buy shares and become a member.
London Rebuilding Society's Home Improvement Services and SHIMMER project are currently open for investment. Terms are negotiaited on a case by case basis.  For more information contact

Buying shares offers the opportunity for our supporters to make an ethical investment which will allow us to re-invest money in London's future.  The returns obtained may qualify under the CITR rules, and so compare favourably with those currently available commercially. The funds raised are channelled into the poorer parts of London, enabling people to fulfil their potential, improve their communities and create lasting change.

LRS is a mutual organisation.  'Mutual' means that, as a shareholder, you will have a say in how the organisation is run by voting at our Annual General Meeting.  You will also receive regular newsletters as well as invitations to meetings and events.


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