About us

London Rebuilding Society is a social enterprise specialising in innovative products and services which provide access to finance and support for individuals and households;  creating healthy homes through increased energy efficiency, and better lives by helping reducing energy costs, increasing household income, improving health and well being.

Board and governance

London Rebuilding Society is a Registered Society under the Cooperatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 and is recognised as an Exempt Charity by the Inland Revenue.

London Rebuilding Society is a mutual.  This means that it is owned by its members. When you buy shares in London Rebuilding Society you become a member. All members of London Rebuilding Society have one vote, however many shares they hold. Both individuals and corporate bodies may buy shares in London Rebuilding Society and become members.

We encourage membership from as wide a base as possible, and our goal is for our membership to be truly representative of all of our stakeholders.  We want individuals and enterprises committed to London to join us in investing in London, and shaping our activities.

We hold an Annual General Meeting at which the board of directors is elected from the membership, and we provide further information to members in the form of an Annual Report and Audited Accounts.
The elected board of directors meets six times a year, and is responsible for strategy and financial probity.  They elect a chair of the board annually, as well as a treasurer.

Board members

Naomi Kingsley – CEO and Board Member

Naomi Kingsley is the founder and CEO of London Rebuilding Society. 

Naomi’s background is in law and anthropology, spending 15 years in economic development and 5 years running a regeneration consultancy.

After a year in the United States on a Harkness Fellowship researching Community Banking, Naomi founded London Rebuilding Society in 2000.
Naomi is also founding member and former Chair of the Community Development Finance Association (CDFA), and former chair. She is a member of the Charity Bank Credit Committee, and is one of the founders of the Change Account Partnership.

Richard Butler – Chair

Richard is the co-founder of Aylesbury Partnership supporting social organisations to win and deliver public service contracts.

He is currently a Senior Investment Manager at CAF Venturesome. 

He was Interim Finance Director of 3SC LLP delivering public sector contracts worth £35m. 

Richard is a Chartered Financial Analyst and from 2000 – 2008 was an equity analyst leading the insurance sector investment team at Credit Agricole Asset Management.

Simon Green – Board Member

Simon is Head of Sustainability at Lakehouse, construction specialists operating in social housing, education, and health.

Previously Head of Development at the Energy Saving Trust, he represented the UK on EnR (the European Energy Network) from 2005. 

A Civil Engineer by training, Simon has over 20 years experience in the development and management of leading multi-million energy/sustainable development projects in the UK.

Harry Evans – Board Member

Harry is a Managing Associate in the intellectual property team and experienced in advising on a broad range of intellectual property issues, including intellectual property disputes and the treatment of intellectual property rights in connection with corporate and financial transactions.

Harry has also advised a range of pro bono clients on protecting and commercialising their IP.


How is LRS financed?

LRS is supported by the public, private and charitable sectors as well as through trading and investment. Both individuals and organisations can purchase shares in the Society, which adds to our capital fund for lending.  We also generate interest from the funds which are out on loan, and fees from our training and consultancy services.