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Benefits to homeowner

  • Home refurbished at no upfront cost
  • Homeowner retains ownership, no threat of CPO
  • Enables access to Empty Homes grant
  • Pull in other grant available
  • Value of property increased by improvements
  • Rental income fully reverts to homeowner once LRS loan is repaid
  • LRS charge on property removed once loan repaid
  • Homeowner has choice at end of lease period to roll over contract
  • Grant and loan do not affect benefits or entitlements
  • Clear and transparent procedures for homeowners
  • Compliance with Consumer Credit Act means homeowners have opportunity to change mind

Benefits to Local Authority

  • Increases social impact and social value achieved from Empty Homes funding allocation
  • Maximises Empty Homes bonus
  • Reduces blight in the community
  • Brings empty homes back into use as affordable housing
  • Reduces housing waiting lists
  • Meets Decent Homes standards in the private sector
  • Contributes to targets for reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • Reduces demand on support services such as social services