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Healthy homes create better lives. London Rebuilding Society wants all members of a community to enjoy the health and wellbeing that comes from living in a warm, secure, pleasant place to call home.

Our work is divided into two areas: our Home Improvement Scheme for people over the age of 65; and our Empty Homes Fund for owners of empty properties.

Home Improvement Scheme

If you are aged 65 or older and could use a bit (or a lot) of advice and assistance in fixing up your home, we can help! We provide access to funding, in the form of a lifetime mortgage from a regulated provider, to repair your home. You pay nothing upfront.

We take the stress of overseeing the repairs away from you and manage the entire process, working closely with the building team while keeping you up-to-date and involved with each step in the process.

Find out more in our dedicated Home Improvement Scheme section.

Empty Homes Fund

If you have an empty property that could use some improvement, we can help! From property management services to project management of building work and loans and access to grant funding, London Rebuilding Society will help you bring your property back into use.

Owners must agree to make the improved property available, at an affordable rent for an agreed period of time, to people on the local housing waiting list. The rental income is used to pay back any loan given by us to you, after which all rental income goes directly to you.

Find out more in our dedicated Empty Homes Fund section.

B2B partnerships

London Rebuilding Society works closely with local authorities and other specialist service providers. If you would be interested in working with us, please [find out more from our B2B section and] get in touch for more information.

How we are helping home owners

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