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Keeping the marital home

published: September 4th 2014

Mr L, room after work

After her husband died more than 25 years ago, Elaine, now in her 90s, moved in with her son, Tony. She did not want to sell her marital home, but the increasing financial struggle made it difficult to maintain upkeep of the home. As she was unable to fund and complete repairs within the statutory four week […] Read more ➜

Caring for others

published: September 4th 2014

living room, after

After his mother’s health deteriorated, Peter, a retired taxi driver from London, moved in with her in order to act as her carer. He tried to get a bank loan to maintain his own home in his absence, but was declined due to the building’s already poor state. After standing empty for 10 years, Peter’s […] Read more ➜