Caring for others

published: September 4th 2014

After his mother’s health deteriorated, Peter, a retired taxi driver from London, moved in with her in order to act as her carer. He tried to get a bank loan to maintain his own home in his absence, but was declined due to the building’s already poor state. After standing empty for 10 years, Peter’s home fell into complete disrepair.

How we helped

The local authority Empty Homes Enforcement Officer referred Peter to us. As he was happy to lease his property to the council, London Rebuilding Society organised and project managed the complete refurbishment of his home, from structural repairs to new white goods.

While the work to Peter’s house cost £78,000, the value of the property jumped to £100,000, leaving Peter with more equity than when he started. Best of all, a homeless family was housed, at an affordable rent, in his house.

My house is back to its former glory. It was a burden before but now I know that it’s providing a home to a family in need and it’s also increased in value. A real win-win situation.

  • front of the house, before front of the house, before
  • front of the house, after front of the house, after
  • living room, before living room, before
  • living room, after living room, after