Keeping the marital home

published: September 4th 2014

More than 25 years ago, after her husband died, Mrs L moved in with her son, Mr T. She did not want to sell her marital home, and now in her 90s, she and her son have increasingly struggled financially to maintain upkeep of the home.

Rather than issue a compulsory purchase order (CPO) that would have forced Mrs L to sell the property (because she would have been unable to fund and complete repairs within the statutory four week notice of a CPO), the local authority introduced her to London Rebuilding Society.

If London Rebuilding Society didn’t intervene there would have been a compulsory purchase order. Given the order, in four weeks we would have had to find the builders who would do the works, see how much it would cost, we would have had to get a loan, which was impossible as we had nothing in the bank.
Mrs L

How we helped

London Rebuilding Society funded the work and project managed the complete refurbishment of the house. The home is now rented out, with the income covering the loan repayments, and the value of the building has increased.

Working with London Rebuilding Society has been a real pleasure. I am satisfied with all you have done. Yes, I really am. It’s been very pleasant. I’ve said to T and to the neighbours that I couldn’t have wished for more. You know your job, you know what you’re doing. It’s about trust.
Mrs L

  • Mr L's room room before work
  • Mr L, room after work completed room