Our Stories

Ms H story

published: December 7th 2018

Ms H’s living conditions made her anxious and depressed. Ms H, 83, was living alone in her home in Leyton which had no heating, no hot water, no working bathroom or toilet. She had become isolated and vulnerable to ill health and depression. She wanted to repair her home to live in warmth and comfort, […] Read more ➜

John’s story

published: September 29th 2014

John is disabled and a wheelchair user. His home had no heating or hot water, was badly affected with dry rot, and the bathroom needed extensive adaptation. Through the Home Improvement Scheme, we completely refurbished and adapted his house, made it wheelchair accessible and suitable to his needs. “Since the work’s been done, I feel […] Read more ➜

Ageing at home

published: September 4th 2014

Betty's window - after

Betty is a 78-year old widow. When her husband died, she was left as the sole carer for her two disabled sons. One of her sons got married and moved away, and unfortunately, her other son died, leaving Betty alone for the first time in many years. Her house had fallen into severe disrepair and […] Read more ➜

Improving your health

published: September 4th 2014

Sue is retired and lives alone. Already suffering from high blood pressure and chronic fatigue, she was increasingly distressed by the state of her home. Problems with the property included drainage that continually flooded the downstairs, the presence of asbestos and a hazardous kitchen and bathroom. How we helped London Rebuilding Society insulated the loft; […] Read more ➜

Living independently

published: September 4th 2014

house front, after

After 20 years of declining maintenance, Mr W’s family home was nearly derelict. Broken windows and a fallen roof had left him exposed to the elements, and along with extensive fire damage and an unsafe staircase, he was living without central heating, utilities, bathroom facilities and modern appliances. We met Mr W after the Redbridge […] Read more ➜

Preparing for retirement

published: September 4th 2014

new windows and render

Michael is 65 years old and suffers from early stage emphysema. He had considered downsizing, but did not want to leave the house that he and his late wife had spent so many years in together. Trying to continue in his work as a part time chef, Michael was struggling due to his poor health. […] Read more ➜